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Dr. Naina Singh Mahngar

Dr. Naina Singh Mahngar, a longtime-member of the planner community, created The Launchpad Project as a personal resource to examine and work on overcoming biases and systemic racism. This workbook is free to download and for personal use only - please do not use for commercial purposes.

The Launchpad Project

There is no more worthy pursuit than that of equality and justice.  If you are not someone who personally faces racism, it is upon you to learn about your own biases and address them. The Launchpad Project gives you a place to start.  It takes all of us to make change. Let's get to work.

FREE: Download your Launchpad

What's Inside

This 38-page guided workbook includes spaces for self-evaluation, keeping track of books, podcasts, websites and other resources, spaces for making action plans and more.  Download free of charge, and import to your tablet notes app (like GoodNotes or Notability), fill out on your laptop or print it out.