The Launchpad Project

The Launchpad Project

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The Launchpad Project is a free digital and printable workbook encouraging action against systemic racism.  It will help those in a position to learn about racism rather than face racism work on overcoming biases.

Created by Dr. Naina Singh Mahngar, a longtime-member of the planner community, this workbook is inspired by the Black members of the planner community doing the hard work of educating others about racism.  I am grateful to those members who took the time to preview this project, gave me their feedback and encouraged me to release this.

Let's get to work.

The Launchpad Project includes:

  • Free, personal use downloadable file (interactive PDF with tabs)
  • 38 pages of guided reflection about race, biases and systemic racism
  • Space for tracking progress, reflection, book notes, podcast notes, website notes, family resources, journaling and action plans.

Use / Print:

  • Use on your tablet (such as iPad or Surface) with a notes app like GoodNotes 
  • Download to your computer and fill out with a PDF reader (Acrobat, Preview or similar)
  • Or, print out and size to fit full sheets or as planner inserts and fill in with pen

Personal use only:

  • This workbook is not for commercial use / to resell in whole or in part
  • Do not distribute the source file on other sites, but you may share this page for people to download free of charge